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mBank helped drive Frei Chevrolet


Owner Jim Grundstrom’s grandfather started the business 100 years ago. It continues to be family run and is deeply involved in the community, so to keep Frei Chevrolet thriving for generations to come, Jim turned to mBank to help finance new construction that would help Frei evolve and grow. He benefited from mBank’s ability to listen and adapt to his needs, using SBA loans to position his business for the future.


mBank helped build Jack’s Fresh Market


Jack Ziminski, owner of Jack’s Fresh Market, was an early investor in his community. Now his business is a staple of it. Using flexible USDA and SBA loans from mBank, Jack was able to realize his dream of opening a modern local grocery store in Manistique, while meeting cash flow goals and enabling fast growth. We believed in Jack, the same way he believed in his community. Now both are enjoying the fruits of his labor.


mBank helped strengthen Wendricks Truss


Since 1975, Wendricks Truss has stressed quality and community. When their president, Kelly Plunger, sought a progressive financing strategy that could boost operations and manufacturing growth, he turned to mBank. Reflecting the commitment and dedication of the people of Wendricks Truss, mBank worked hard to create a tailored balance of deposit and business loan products that helped take Wendricks Truss to the next level.